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vNes J2ME v1.2

-J2ME MIDP2.0 supported
-256K running memory
-relatively fast CPU

-different screen mode scales: you can even rotate the screen to fit some mobiles(eg: MotoE680) .One key/touch to switch full screen.
-Hue, Tint, Black and White adjustable
-customizable controls: provide automatic key AA/BB and TRIGGER that can let shoot key down without press shoot key all the time.
-low memory usage: it only need enough memory for rom and display data. If the rom has 40K and display area is 128x128, it needs about 100K memory.
-very small application in jar file: you only need to save memory for roms.
-adjustable game speed
-each rom with 10 save/load slots.
-provide save/load key: You can use one touch to save/load states.

-default screen scale is 100%. You can zoom in/out the screen with other scale.
-by default, the width and height are not restricted to proportions 256x240. You can change it to restricted mode.
-you can press asterisk(*) by default or click the screen(in one touch) to switch fullscreen.
-if the rotation is permitted, the screen will rotate by 90 degrees counter clockwise.

»»Supported Devices:
=»J2ME Fully Supported Devices(with FPS»=30)
-Nokia: 6260(48), 7610(35), 6600(30)
-Motorola: E680(84), A768(56), A768i
-Sony Ericsson: K700(35), K700c, K700i, K500(70), K500i, K500c
=»Supported Devices(with FPS«30 ,not recommended)
-Nokia: 6230(18), 3650(18)
-Motorola: v303(1)
-Alcatel: OT756(5)
-Siemens: CX65(7)




To activate your vNes J2ME v1.2 ,select "Activate" in the main menu of vNes and input your IMEI number. To get your IMEI number, input *#06# in your phone main display. It is normally 15 digits. After activating, vNes J2ME has the full functions.


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